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About Us

Serving the needs of patients with dire needs through the provision of advanced equipment, and the rehabilitation of hospitals

HIMEX Corporation is committed to healthcare development, through the provision of innovative and high-performance imaging and therapy solutions. As a pioneer in bringing healthcare development in the Philippines by forging partnerships with DOH hospitals, including Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Centre, and Amang Rodriguez Memorial Medical Center, we aim to support to continuity of growth and development in healthcare to sustain the demand of High-end medical technology in the Philippines to cater to the needs of medical practitioners and their patients.​

As Philippines distributor of Hitachi from 1990 - 2021 including MRI, CT-Scan, X-Ray, and Ultrasound machines in the Philippines, we harness almost 33 years experience in the importation, distribution, and after-sales service of high-field medical equipments to discerning customers. In addition to Diagnostic Imaging systems, we cater to the distribution of ESWL and Holmium Lasers in the Philippines from DIREX Group, our partner in the field of Urology. Through our strong synergy with our principal partners, it is our aim to provide high-quality and innovative solutions, complemented by our highly experienced and competent team. 

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