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CT Scanner

A CT scan, also known as a computed tomography scan, is a medical imaging technique that combines X-rays and computer technology to generate cross-sectional images of the body. It provides detailed and three-dimensional visualizations of internal organs, bones, and tissues, aiding in the diagnosis and evaluation of a wide range of medical conditions. CT scans are particularly useful in detecting injuries, tumors, and abnormalities, allowing healthcare professionals to make informed treatment decisions.



Hitachi - SUPRIA
(32 & 16 SLICES)  

Open Access and Compact Design, with the latest technologies. New “Supria” CT meets your future needs. 


The needs for faster and more accurate diagnosis are increasing every day in the front-line of medical practice. Supria is designed to answer in one CT all the demands for various routine applications, compact size, useful results and ease of use without any compromise. 

Supria CT is your answer to take off to the next clinical and technology standard. 



  • 32 slices and 16 Slices available

  • Wide bore 75cm wide gantry - largest in industry

  • Supria Performance: Newest technologies for high image quality

  • Supria Low Dose: State of the art technologies for low dose are integrated as standard

  • Supria Easy Operation: Intuitive GUI design with 24-inch wide monitor


Hitachi - ECLOS
(16 SLICES) (3.5MHU)

A multi-slice CT Eclos designed with the concept of a well-balanced CT which can serve the needs of every user.

ECLOS provides high image quality in both high-pitch scanning and sub-millimeter scanning.

ECLOS provides efficient and proper total workflow.

ECLOS possesses extensibility which widens the application range of CT.

ECLOS has support functions that are kind to people.

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