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Cultivating Access to Healthcare in the Philippines: Our Recent Visit to PRMMH

In line with our unwavering commitment to enhancing healthcare accessibility in the Philippines, our team recently visited President Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Hospital (PRMMH) in Iba, Zambales. This joint-venture (JV) partnership holds significant importance for HIMEX Corporation, and our visit served as both an evaluation of progress since our recent re-partnership and the commencement of the implementation of our cutting-edge software, IRIS. As PRMMH takes on a pivotal role in shaping IRIS functionalities, join us in exploring the highlights of our visit and the promising developments unfolding at HIMEX Corporation.

Our collaborative project with PRMMH is a testament to our commitment to narrowing gaps in diagnostic services for the most vulnerable communities. Walking through the bustling radiology department, we witnessed firsthand the positive transformations brought about by our joint efforts. The hospital has experienced a notable increase in patient influx, with individuals traveling up to three hours to seek treatment since the initiation of our joint-venture project. Dr. Cañoza, a prominent radiology doctor at PRMMH, emphasized the far-reaching impact, stating, "We are even accepting patients from as far as Pangasinan and Olongapo because we have the facilities they require and can afford." This underscores HIMEX Corporation's ongoing dedication to making tangible strides in healthcare accessibility.

The highlight of our visit to PRMMH was the introduction of our groundbreaking IRIS software. Representing a significant advancement in diagnostic infrastructure in the Philippines, our collaboration with the PRMMH team goes beyond mere implementation – it's about co-creating an innovative tool tailored to address real-world challenges within Radiology departments across the country's hospitals.

Witnessing the positive reception from radiology doctors, technicians, and administrators upon the introduction of IRIS affirmed its transformative potential. Once fully integrated, we anticipate that our IRIS software will streamline processes, enhance diagnostic accuracy, and contribute to an overall improvement in patient care.

Our recent venture to PRMMH serves as a powerful testament to the impact of collaborative partnerships in Philippine healthcare. From the re-affirmation of our commitment through strong partnerships to the initiation of IRIS implementation, each step underscores our dedication to advancing diagnostic services and improving accessibility for the most vulnerable populations. As we continue to grow with our partners, PRMMH exemplifies the remarkable achievements possible when expertise converges with innovation in the pursuit of a healthier country. 


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