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An X-ray machine is a widely used medical device that produces images by passing a controlled amount of radiation through the body. It captures the internal structures, such as bones and organs, on specialised film or digital sensors, enabling healthcare professionals to diagnose fractures, infections, lung conditions, and other abnormalities quickly and efficiently.



Hitachi - SIRIUS 130HP

Easier to use for the operator, and also giving a relaxed feeling to examinees. The birth of a human system with built-in “Easiness” and “Friendliness” pursuing high function and operability.



  •   High Output and Small Focal Spot 

  •   Easy and Simple Operability 

  •   Excellent Running Operability

  •   2 Methods for Arm Movement   

  •   Slim Body

POPULUS_SO _edited.png

Hitachi - POPULUS SO

A new “friend” for diagnostic imaging in a fully digitized environment.

A compact system with simple operability that can accommodate a wide range of radiography is equipped with advanced image processing technologies for accurate diagnosis. 


Populus So will aid your diagnostic radiography and fluoroscopy and be a valuable addition to the ideal examination environment that you strive to achieve.


Hitachi - X-BUGGY

The pursuit of portability and comfort during use. That’s the idea behind its shell-like construction. 

No usability was sacrificed in pursuit of portability. 

The X-buggy delivers higher standards of both portability for emergency use and usability for daily use.


Avoid the cost of providing separate imaging equipment for daily use and emergency use. The value for the money is undeniable.

RADNEXT_32 .png

Hitachi - RADNEXT 32

A general radiography system combined with a high performance 30kW inverter type high voltage generator..
 To cope with diversified needs for general radiography, a variety of product lineups are available from a high performance ceiling-mounted rail type tube support to a simple and easy-to use floor-mounted rail type tube support.

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